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by Dani Spickermann

しごと [SHIGOTO] by Dani Spickermann is an appreciation of the city of Tokyo, its inhabitants and ‘shigoto’: a noun meaning ‘work’ in Japanese. Depending on the situation it can also mean ‘job’, ‘business’, ‘task’, or ‘occupation’. Based on its kanji expression (仕事) we can understand that ‘shigoto' literally means ‘a thing to do’. Through its vibrant peculiarity Tokyo shows endless interpretations of its meaning. Like no other place the city represents a certain seriousness of what it means to do a thing.
Recent times have reopened imaginations, for better or worse, of how to separate humans from the intrinsic idea of work as part of our existence. Whether we agree or disagree, it can be said that the idea of work as an integral part of the 21st century human being seems absolute.
During her time living in Tokyo, the illustrator, photographer, and long time NT resident, Dani Spickermann, observed what may function for some as an antidote to resignation. For others, it may propel repulsion. As a form of self-interrogation about 'what to do’, しごと [SHIGOTO] can be seen as an admiration of the many meanings of the word itself.

Edition of 50
Printed in Germany
48 pages
1-color risograph
singer sewn binding
printed in Germany
January 2022.

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